Girlfriends In The Burbs
Girlfriends In The Burbs
Sherra B

Welcome to Girlfriends In The Burbs

A community connecting you to your next bestie!

About Us

As you get older and your focus changes, friendships become harder to find especially living in the suburbs. Our first few years living in the Washington D.C. metro area, we had a hard time finding friends because we rarely saw women that looked like us when we were out and about. We eventually found a good set of friends but of course they lived throughout the D.C. metro area. They always wanted to hangout in the city and never in the burbs. You switch jobs, you get married, have kids, and sometimes you just don't feel like driving 40 minutes to an hour to hangout every weekend. 

We realized there were plenty of women of color living in Northern Virginia but there wasn't a platform to connect us! That my friends is when Girlfriends In The Burbs was created in 2017. After several women across the country expressed interest in bring GITB to their suburbs we decided to expand our membership outside of the D.C. metro area. We currently have plans to expand to Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and Charlotte. 

GITB creates the opportunity to meet a group of fabulous women in your own backyard. Some of our members have found out they attend the same church, work together, or live in the same apartment complex. We are a paid monthly membership organization and we host public events to create a friendly positive space to further connect women in the suburbs.

If you are new in town, married or a mother who needs a social life outside your family, or that woman that wants to make connections near you, join Girlfriends In The Burbs at our next public brunches.

Why You Should Join Us

Benefits of being a member

+ Supportive group of women

+ Virtual Sisterhood and Friendship

+ Sense of belonging to something

+ A community to help you find normalcy while staying home 

+ Monthly Mental Health Chats

+ Access to Girlfriends Read Book Club

+ Access to Member Only Forum and Directory

+ Access to Member Only Calendar

+Member Virtual Check-Ins

+Virtual Fitness Challenge and Classes

+Virtual Social Calendar while staying home 

+Ability to forge in person friendships once it is more safer to host in person events.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create a space for women of color to connect and form lasting friendships in the suburbs of metropolitan areas. We do this through our events we host. No matter if you attend a social event, community service, workshop, or our bi-weekly Cosmos In The House Virtual Happy Hour, you will experience a positive and welcoming environment that fosters friendships and partnerships among women of color.